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We created Bindle to replace a geriatric email, spreadsheet, and carrier pigeon1 based time off system at work. It was a little side project we could have some fun with.

Slowly, it dawned on us that our little side project was a lot more enjoyable than anything else we were working on.

The time had come to hang up our corporate hats and strike out on our own…


Before Bindle, we had already worked together for over a decade on many wondrous and successful web projects2. You could say we know each others little foibles quite well.

Damien’s background is in development - including stints with Suncorp and RSA - with a healthy dollop of database administration thrown in. Damien is based in sunny California. When he’s not working on Bindle he is usually planning future holidays.


Howard’s focus is on the user experience: how things work and how they look. Howard is based in just-as-sunny Sydney, where he is now celebrating the recent arrival of his second child.

What we have in common is a fanatical commitment to getting things right and keeping our customers 100% happy.

So if you’ve got any questions or comments at all, we’d love to hear from you. Really.

  1. To be honest, there may not have been carrier pigeons.
  2. We’d love to show you them, but they were all made for corporate customers and aren't open to the public.
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