Vacation & PTO tracking software for growing teams.

Give staff and managers direct access to request, view and manage their paid time-off.

Full visibility on who’s off next week.
Check accurate, real-time PTO balances at anytime.
Automatically notify the right people about PTO requests and decisions.
Track all PTO & vacation calculations in one easy, error-free place.
Screenshot of Bindle user home page on desktop browser showing details of PTO bookings and PTO balance.
Vacation & PTO Calendar

Automatically track & log time off in your team's calendar

Ditch the shared calendar that everyone forgets to update and let Bindle automatically update the calendar you already use with the latest PTO bookings.

We integrate with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s Calendar app with our vacation time tracking software. Daily summaries to Slack too, if that’s your thing.

PTO Calendars for Google, Outlook, Apple and Slack.
Automatically track time off in your calendar.
Self-service PTO Balance

Give staff direct, real-time access to their vacation balance

No need to tell staff how much time-off they've taken or have owing - they can check it themselves at any time in Bindle.

Self-service employee vacation tracking software means you don't have to lift a finger (or answer an email).

Screenshot of Bindle balance page on iPhone showing breakdown of PTO balance.
Current and future PTO balances for all staff.
Smart PTO Notifications

Instant, automatic notifications for managers & staff

When staff make PTO requests in Bindle's vacation time tracking software, managers are immediately notified and get all the context they need (like who else is off at the time) to make a quick decision.

Staff are notified of the decision straight away. Balances and calendars are updated automatically. Simple.

Screenshot of Bindle approval page on iPhone showing discussion of PTO booking and approve / reject buttons.
Discussions and decisions are recorded in Bindle.
Sophisticated Vacation & PTO Calculator

Accurate, up-to-date information in one place.

Ditch the old spreadsheets - Bindle's information is always up-to-date, accurate and accessible by the right people.

And if you ever require this data for manual reports, it only takes a few clicks to export what you need from our vacation tracking software.

PTO Spreadsheet no longer required.

What Our Users Say

This tool has been fantastic! The customer support I have received from the Bindle team is quick and very helpful.

Irene Magripilis

We are very happy with Bindle PTO tracking! Huge time saver, we were able to get off a paper based, manual system. Employees love it.

Debbie Croft
Digital Addix

Easy to set up and crucially does not need an instruction manual or training when I share with others in the team.

Mark Innes
Mission 10
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The Perfect PTO Tracking Solution for FlowJo

When Leslie Gore, the Business Operations Manager at FlowJo LLC, started looking for a tool to track staff time off, she was aware of how difficult it can be to choose a product which takes time to set up before you really get a feel for how it works.

She did her homework and in the end Bindle’s emphasis on design and focus on solving a single problem convinced her to start a free trial.

FlowJo is a software engineering business in the medicine and life sciences sector, and Leslie was aware that any software she presented to the team had to be excellent.

The Team at FlowJo.

Happily, the FlowJo developers were impressed with Bindle. Some of them went as far as checking our accrual calculations! They were correct 🙂.

When Leslie had questions during the initial trial phase, she was glad to be able to book a call to talk things through, rather than relying on email.

When asked to sum up Bindle, Leslie said, “It saves me so much time tracking, approving, and reporting time off and has eliminated all discrepancies. It is the perfect solution for us.”.

FlowJo use Bindle to track time off for 40 people.


How much setup time and effort is required?

There's some upfront setup required to configure Bindle for your needs, but the good news is that we can do most of it for you. Even better? We do it for free.

To get started we suggest you first sign up for a trial and have a look around. Then, once you’ve got a question, email us and we’ll help you out.

Can Bindle match my existing PTO policy?

Bindle is highly customizable. We've never found a PTO policy we can’t match.

More specifically, Bindle includes things like qualification periods, allowances based on years of service, different accrual methods (daily, monthly or annual), year end carry-over rules and maximum permitted balances.

If you're unsure about any of this, we can help get everything set up and give some recommendations and best practices.

What about privacy and security?

We follow industry best practices for data encryption, back-ups, and payment processing. Bindle is fully GDPR compliant.

Privacy and security are built in to the heart of Bindle.

If you’ve got questions about security or privacy, get in touch and we’ll happily give you some answers.

How do I get help?

If you've got a question, email us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

We pride ourselves in looking after our customers and we’re always happy to jump on a call and discuss issues with Bindle, your requirements and suggestions or PTO more generally.

How much does Bindle cost?

Bindle costs just $1.50 per person per month. You can add or remove users at any point.

There are no hidden charges. Free set up and awesome support is included.

You can cancel at any time. If you leave, you can of course take your data with you.

What else can Bindle do?

As well as managing Paid Time Off, Bindle can help you keep track of all the other things that take people out of the office. This might include things like conference trips or training courses.

Increasingly, people also use Bindle to keep on top of Work From Home days.

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