Paid Time Off Spreadsheet

To help your company get started tracking PTO & Vacation days, Bindle has created a PTO Excel Spreadsheet Template you can download for free.

If you’re looking for a simple way to record your team’s Paid Time Off and calculate balances, this clever little template will be a perfect starting point.

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PTO & Vacation Calculations

Find out how much PTO employees are owed

Just put in your team member's start date, annual vacation & PTO allowance plus any vacations they've already taken and our handy PTO Spreadsheet Template will tell you their current PTO balance.

You can add in as many employees as you want - and all the calculations are done automatically.

Bindle PTO Tracking Spreadsheet Template
Leave Liability Tracking Template

Calculate Leave Liability based on Salary & PTO Balance

Need to figure out your team's current leave liability in dollars? This PTO tracking spreadsheet calculates it for you based on employee salary and the amount of vacation and paid time off owing.

Our PTO calculator for Excel is very handy for reporting purposes and managing financial risk.

Leave Liability Calculations
Reliable, accurate & scalable template

Built by Bindle, the PTO & Vacation Tracking Experts

We make our PTO Tracking Software, Bindle using these same calculations included in the PTO tracking spreadsheet (plus a lot more). That means the calculations are accurate, reliable and relevant.

And when you do decide you want your PTO & Vacation tracking fully automated and accessible by the whole team, we can help you import the data in this spreadsheet into Bindle directly.

Screenshot of Bindle approval page on iPhone showing discussion of PTO booking and approve / reject buttons.
Download the Spreadsheet

This free spreadsheet was made by Bindle, Vacation & PTO Tracking Software for growing teams.

Give staff and managers direct access to request, view and manage their paid time-off.

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