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Easy to use

Streamlined processing

  • Staff enter their own time off requests
  • Approvers are immediately notified via email
  • Simple approval (or rejection) process
  • Bookings and balances updated in real-time
  • Never re-key data again

Gain more visibility and more control

  • Immediately see who's off and when
  • Make quick, informed decisions about resourcing
  • Connect Bindle to your calendar, or use our in-built wallchart
  • Connect Bindle to Slack for a daily summary of who's off that day
  • Get email notifications for all approvals (and rejections)
  • One-click real-time reporting

Reduce staff absenteeism

  • Use Bindle to formalize the process of taking time off
  • A centralized record of all bookings, approvals, and rejections
  • Securely attach doctor's / medical certificates, or fit notes to bookings
  • A full audit trail for every booking — just in case!
  • Email notifications for every booking
  • Recognize patterns before they become a problem

Balance tracking

  • Calculated in real-time
  • Check future balances
  • See complete balance breakdowns
  • Manually adjust balances up or down. Handy for time earned in lieu.
  • Always accurate and up-to-date
  • Can be disabled. Great for companies with unlimited time off policies.
  • Can also be disabled on an individual basis. Ideal for contractors, or casuals.

Simple, accurate reporting

  • Designed to make end-of-period processing easy
  • Intuitive, simple layout
  • Accurately calculate leave liability
  • Excel spreadsheet format
  • Last week, last month, last year, or any dates you like
  • Totals in hours (for computers), or days (for humans)
  • Report on time in lieu

Configurable time off types

  • Perfectly match your existing time off policies
  • Create your own time off types, or use our intelligent defaults
  • Configure annual allowance amounts
  • Automatically increase annual allowances based on years of service
  • Set accrual maximums
  • Configure annual carry-over amounts (in days or as a percentage)
  • Pick either “pro-rata” or “annual lump sum” accrual methods
  • Configure qualification periods

Customizable holidays and work weeks

  • Not everyone works Monday to Friday. Bindle understands.
  • Warn users about approaching busy periods and vacation blackouts
  • Multiple countries supported out-of-the-box


  • $1.90 USD per person per month
  • Month-to-month automated charge
  • Adjusts automatically whenever you add or remove people
  • Pay only for what you need

No lock-in

  • No contract
  • Cancel any time
  • Full data export available on exit
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