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Your business. Your clients. One great way to manage leave bookings and balances.

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What is a Bindle partner account?

Bindle partner accounts are designed specifically for bookkeepers, accountants, and HR consultants. It allows you to access multiple Bindle accounts from one place, so you can easily manage leave bookings and balances for all your clients.

Bindle handles leave bookings, approvals, balances, reporting, calendar integration, and more.

How will becoming a Bindle Partner affect your business?

Become more efficient

Do more work in less time. No more chasing clients for their leave bookings and balances. Bindle reports make end-of-period processing easy.

Grow your business

With tools like Bindle giving you greater efficiency, you get more time.

More time to grow your clients, team, and bottom line.

Boost your revenue

With your clients now managing their own leave bookings automatically, you‘ll have more time for better paying work, like high level analysis and high value advice.

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Information flow, not data entry

Every day, your client‘s booking requests, approvals (and rejections) flow through Bindle. Team leaders can instantly see who‘s off and when. As a partner, you can see all your client‘s data at any time. No more delays and data entry.

Help your clients help themselves

Small business owners and admins love Bindle because it‘s so easy to use and offers total control. They can see at a glance who‘s off and when, and manage absenteeism before it becomes a problem.

One location in the cloud

Log in to Bindle anytime to make sure your clients are using Bindle correctly. Because it is in the cloud, you can get all the information when you need it, without having to ask your clients to send it to you.

Clean, accurate information

Seamless connectivity via desktop, mobile, calendars, and email means booking information flows in, clients respond themselves, and you periodically check they‘re on track. Less data entry, meaning fewer and fewer errors.

Made for Americans, Canadians, Brits, Aussies, and Kiwis

Bindle is made specifically for small businesses in America, the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Rest easy knowing Bindle was built to comply to U.S., Canadian, and U.K. regulations, the Australian Fair Work Act 2009, and the New Zealand Holidays Act 2003.

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Outstanding customer service
Bindle is a small business too. For us, bad customer service is a deal breaker. We understand the value of good customer service and strive to be the type of company we ourselves would want to work with!
Move at your own pace
Moving to Bindle doesn‘t need to happen all at once. After you‘ve tried it with a couple of clients, we can help you move more of your clients to Bindle.
Help Desk
Cloud based HR software is the future and we‘ll help you get there. We‘ll teach you about Bindle through an extensive and well written FAQ page, and personal one-on-one phone time with our support staff.