Vacation & PTO Tracking for Law Firms

Manage your law firm's PTO tracking and vacation accruals with ease.

Screenshot of Bindle vacation accrual and bookings for a law firm.
Customisable visibility of who’s off next week.
Check accurate, real-time PTO balances at anytime.
Automatically email PTO requests & decisions to the right people.
Track vacation accruals for partners, associates & the entire team in one place.
Vacation & PTO Entitlements

Configure PTO & Vacation entitlements based on role

Have different vacation entitlements for senior partners and associates? No problem.

You can customize PTO, sick leave and vacation entitlements based on seniority, job title, or on a case-by-case basis.

PTO Entitlements for law firms by role.
Customisable PTO entitlements for different roles.
Full Audit Trail

All of your PTO requests, accruals, and calculations in one place

No need for email chains, spreadsheets, or manual calendar updates!

Bindle keeps a full audit trail of all PTO requests, approvals and bookings automatically. We can even update your existing Google, Apple, or Outlook team calendars for you.

Screenshot of Bindle vacation balances for a junior partner at a law firm.
PTO information for each staff member.
Easy-access from mobile, anytime

Full vacation tracking visibility to the people you choose

PTO requests in Bindle are fully adapted to your business processes. You can choose who is immediately notified, who has to approve the time off, and who in the team will have visibility of the booking.

The best part? The whole process is automated, simple and accessible on any device, any place, instantly.

Screenshot of Bindle approval process for law firms.
Approvals for vacation time are simple, instant and automated.
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