Solve your Annual Leave tracking problems

Bindle solves all the problems you hit when you manage Annual Leave using email and spreadsheets.

We cover all the leave types required by the Fair Work Ombudsman - including Long Service Leave - out of the box.

Need help getting set up? We’re an Australian company and provide local support by email and phone.

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Brilliant program. Easily the best I’ve found. Very easy to use and customize.

David Jones
Managing Director, Edge Underwriting

Five ways Bindle beats email & spreadsheets

Easy requests & simple approvals

Staff enter their own requests. Managers are notified and decide. Booking details are recorded in one central place.

No more messy email trails.

Time off information exactly where you need it

Bookings appear on the Wallchart in Bindle. Outlook or Google Calendar are updated automatically. Daily Slack summaries too.

No more people asking “who’s off next week?”.

Accurate balances & quick reporting

Balances are kept up to date automatically. Administrators can download Excel reports with all the summary information they need.

No more “creative” home-made spreadsheets.

Australian leave types, out of the box

Bindle models the leave types required by the Fair Work Ombudsman exactly.

More time to work on what’s really important.

Privacy & security built-in

We follow industry best practices for data encryption, back-ups, and payment processing. Bindle is fully GDPR compliant.

We keep your data private and secure.

Cheaper, too

Bindle saves you money by saving you time.

It eliminates the costly mistakes common to home-grown systems. No more marathon audit sessions tracking down errors.

You might not being paying $$$ for your current system, but we’re pretty sure it costs you way more than Bindle.

At only $1.50 USD* per person per month, Bindle saves you money.

* No hidden charges. Cancel at any time. Free set up and awesome support included. Is this the best small print ever?

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30 days free. No credit card required.

We love this software … the value:cost ratio is fantastic. The Slack integration keeps everyone in the loop.

Victoria Badgely
VP Marketing and Business Development, CognisantMD

Time off info, exactly where you need it

Bindle automatically updates the calendar you already use - like Microsoft Outlook, Apple’s Calendar app or Google Calendar - with the latest Annual Leave bookings.

It can send daily summaries to Slack too, if that’s your thing.

Logos for Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Slack.

Friendly design

Bindle is designed with friendliness in mind.

Your staff will find it super easy to request leave and check balances.

For administators, powerful reports and flexible configuration options are just as simple.

Bindle on desktop

We set everything up for you, for free

Like any new system, a little bit of upfront work’s required before you see the benefits of Bindle.

The good news? Our friendly Australian-based staff will do it for you.

Even better? We’ll do it for free.

Create a free trial, have a look around, and then send us a mail and we’ll get to work.

Yes, we did just say we’d set everything up for free. Carry on…

A very user friendly, reliable and reasonably priced tool. Customer support is excellent.

Holly Christian
Manager, Office Services, Canadian Airports Council

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Who’s behind Bindle?

Bindle is owned and run by Damien in California and Howard, near Sydney, Australia. Get the full story.

How much does it cost?

Bindle costs just $1.50 USD per person per month.

Free set up and awesome support included. No hidden charges. Cancel at any time.

Still got questions?

Need to know something we haven’t covered? Drop us a line.

We’d love to hear from you.

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