View the Wallchart in your own calendar

Posted by Howard on Aug 28, 2015

We’ve just put the finishing touches to a major new feature. You can now view the Bindle Wallchart in the calendar apps you use every day on your computer and phone.

Apple Calendar showing Bindle events

To set this up, click View the Wallchart in your own calendar at the bottom of the Wallchart page in Bindle. In most cases, this will open your calendar app and ask you to confirm the subscription.

This feature works in any program which supports the iCalendar format. We’ve tested it using Microsoft Outlook, Calendar on the Mac and Google Calendar. If you use a different calendar and run into problems getting set up, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

Note that calendar events are read-only. Log in to Bindle to make changes. Only approved bookings appear in your calendar. Calendar programs have settings to control how often they refresh data from Bindle. The subscription feed is not password-protected: anyone who knows the URL can access the feed. Make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!

Any questions about calendars? Please let us know.

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