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How to calculate annual leave in Australia

Posted by Damien on Aug 7, 2015

The quickest way? Take advantage of the free Annual Leave Calculator from Bindle. Want to know more about how the calculations work? Read on.

How much annual leave am I entitled to?

Paid annual leave is one of the 10 minimum entitlements of Australian workers under the National Employment Standards.

All full-time workers are guaranteed a minimum of 4 weeks paid annual leave. If you’re a shift worker you may be entitled to 5 weeks.

How do I accrue annual leave?

Annual leave accrues gradually throughout the year. You’re entitled to accrue annual leave from the day you start work, regardless of employment probation periods.

By law, any unused leave rolls over from year to year.

You don’t accrue annual leave when you’re on unpaid leave.

How do I work out how much annual leave I’ve accrued?

First let’s go through some numbers we will need.

  1. The NES considers a full-time work week to be 38 hours.
  2. A normal working day is therefore 7.6 hours (38 hours / 5 days).
  3. 4 weeks annual leave equals 20 days, (5 days × 4 weeks).
  4. Every calendar day you accumulate 0.416438356 hours of leave (20 days × 7.6 hours / 365 days).

Yes, you accumulate less than half an hour of annual leave per day. Depressing, isn’t it? Let’s call this the "accumulation rate".

Two formulas give us your annual leave entitlement in hours and days.

Hours accumulated = Calendar days employed × Accumulation rate

Days accumulated = Calendar days employed × Accumulation rate / 7.6

Let’s say you’ve worked hard for 9 months and need some time off. All you have to do is plug in the numbers.

9 months is around 274 calendar days (yes, we counted)

274 days × 0.416438356 = 114 hours accumulated

274 days × 0.416438356 / 7.6 = 15 days accumulated

If you work part-time, you need to adjust the accumulation rate like this.

0.416438356 × Average days worked per week / 5

For example, if you work 3 days per week your accumulation rate is calculated as follows.

0.416438356 × 3 / 5 = 0.2498630136

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