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Posted by Damien on Mar 21, 2016

Today we announce the launch of Bindle Partner Accounts.

Partner Accounts are specifically designed for HR consultancies, accounting & bookkeeping firms, and their clients.

A Partner Account allows you to access multiple Bindle accounts from one place, so you can easily manage leave bookings and balances for all your clients.

Partner accounts are simple to get up and running and are completely free, forever. Sign-up for a free account here. It costs nothing, and there are no contracts to sign.

With a Partner Account, you can log in to Bindle anytime to make sure your clients are using Bindle correctly.

Because it is in the cloud, you can get all the information when you need it, without having to ask your clients to send it to you.

There is no longer any need to chase clients for their leave bookings and balances, making end-of-period processing so much simpler.

Click here to find out more. Or if you prefer, feel free to contact us.

Otherwise, get going straight away by clicking this button…

Create a partner account
Completely Free Forever.

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