A message to start‐ups searching for a logo

Posted by Damien on Mar 23, 2016

What‘s the right logo for us?

That‘s one of the questions Howard and I have asked ourselves since we started this Bindle thing.

We decided like responsible adults that we would put it off until the answer became obvious, and get on with more “important” things.

But after a while I realised that we needed something, anything that gave people an inkling about the ideals of Bindle and the people behind it. So, I decided on a lovely blue camper van.


Well, it was suggested by Howard a while ago for reasons that he largely kept to himself at the time. To be honest, I didn’t really love the idea, mainly as the link from “camper van” to “managing staff time off really well” seemed a little tenuous. I wanted something with a closer to link to time off and travel.1 However the more I thought about it over the next year, the more it made sense.

Like a camper van, Bindle is about doing things a little alternatively, almost rebelliously (but not quite), being practical, being honest and authentic (what you see is what you get), being dependable (well, hopefully we don’t break down as often), while all the time having a lot of fun.

That’s what Bindle is all about, and that is why this camper van is a pretty great logo for us.

Ok, yes, I admit it does look like what you would expect if a developer (me) was playing around with some line art and a free font (thanks for that Howard)2, but that‘s fine.

So this is where the message to start-ups searching for a logo kicks in…

Like your MVP, your logo doesn‘t have to be all-singing and all-dancing from the very start. It can also be something that evolves over time.

Right now, this logo just has to do one thing, and that is to convey a sense of who we are, and some of the things we value. I think it does a pretty good job.

Go Bindle Bus! ❤️

  1. At the time, I would have picked some luggage, or a piña colada, or a palm tree, something obvious and slightly boring like that. 

  2. Thanks also to an amazing artist we found called Sandra Chang-Adair for drawing the fantastic Bindle Bus. Thanks Sandy! 

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