Time off allowances based on years of service

Posted by Damien on May 25, 2017

We‘ve just made a great little improvement to Bindle. The ability to automatically increase time off allowances based on years of service.

In a lot of organizations, paid time off allowances usually increase with years of service. This provides a greater benefit for employees who have been with the organization longer.

For example, quite a few organizations have a time off policy that includes something like this…

Tenure (years) Paid Time Off (days)
< 1 10
1 - 3 15
3 - 5 16
5 - 10 20
10+ 25

While the ability to configure these increases for each individual has been available in Bindle since the start, quite a few of our customers have been asking for the ability to automatically apply these increases on a company-wide basis.

From today, this is now possible. Here’s a run-through of how to set this up…

Like I say in the video, if you need a hand setting this up, just let us know. We’d love to help. No lie.

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