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Posted by Damien on Apr 11, 2017

We’ve been busier than usual at Bindle recently. Too busy for regular blog updates, it seems!

We’ve enhanced Bindle to make it more suitable for places like the U.S.A. where there aren’t that many legislated rules about time off.

Basically, in the States it’s a free-for-all. Bindle can now cope with that.

We’ve added some handy features like:

  • The ability to create, rename, and disable your own entitlements. So handy for granting people “Paid Time Orff”. :)

  • Now, you can configure an annual carry over cap (represented as a number of days or as a percentage). Use it or lose it baby!

  • You can also configure accrual maximums. This puts a limit on the amount of time off individuals can accrue. A sure way to keep your total time off liability under control.

  • Configure qualifying periods for paid time off. Useful for certain types of paid time off like parental leave that normally only kick in after a full year of employment.

  • Configure how and when people accrue paid time off. You can choose between “pro-rata” (a little bit each day), or “lump sum” (in a big chunk) on January 1st, on the anniversary of employment, or on the anniversary of qualification. Awesomes.
  • You can also choose to hide any of time off balances (like sick leave) from non-administrators. This helps prevent people from feeling that things like sick leave “owed” to them.

You can access all these new features by going to “Admin”, then “Customize entitlements”.

Custom entitlements on the Admin page

If you’re unsure about the relative pros and cons of any of these settings, you can take a look through the riveting series I wrote on 10 things to know when creating a PTO policy.

If all this seems too complicated, you can ignore all these new features and just use our intelligent defaults. Easy.


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