Bindle now integrates with Twist

Posted by Damien on Jul 18, 2017

We’re happy to announce that Bindle now integrates with Twist, the communication tool for teams who believe there’s more to work than keeping up with group chat apps.

Twist is a new messaging application from the folks at Doist.

They’re betting against real-time messaging being the most effective way for teams to communicate. Amir, the CEO at Doist has written a great blog article on the reasons why.

Doing things differently

Twist is doing things differently from other chat apps like Slack, Hangouts, and WhatsApp.

Twist uses threaded conversations at the core. It purposefully doesn’t have an online presence indicator. It has information transparency as a central design principle.

Twist’s main emphasis is on mindful communication, rather than stream-of-consciousness babble that real-time group chat apps tend to promote. I invite you to check it out.

Automatically silence Twist notifications while you’re having time off.

This emphasis on mindful communication is reflected in a feature that allows you set up a “time off status” to mute all notifications from the app. It lets your teammates know that you’re away and when you’ll return, giving you the chance to properly disconnect from work and fully recharge.

With the new Bindle integration with Twist, making a time off booking in Bindle can automatically silence Twist notifications while you’re having time off.

Here’s how…

If you already have a Bindle account and a Twist account, the setup process is really simple. Just click this button…

After you log into Bindle, you’ll be taken to Twist to grant Bindle access to your Twist account. Authorize Bindle and you’re done.

The next time you make a booking in Bindle you’ll see a check box to silence Twist notifications while you’re away.

Bookings page

Once you make the booking, you’ll see that your Twist time off settings will have been updated to reflect the time you’re taking off. Simple, right?

Twist settings

Finally, if your Bindle booking is rejected (or deleted) Bindle will return your Twist time off settings back to normal.

Ahh, that’s better

Properly disconnect from work and fully recharge.

Now that Bindle and Twist work beautifully together, you’ll be able to fully disconnect from work and recharge. Simple. Awesomes. Enjoy!

Bindle ❤️ Twist

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