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What we've been up to lately

Posted by Damien on Nov 20, 2015

Well, we have been having a busy time here at Bindle, but not just working on Bindle.

Howard and I both decided to eat our own dog food and use Bindle to book some time off. What a great idea. Howard took off to Bali (indah!) and I travelled to Italy for a few weeks (fantastico!). And here’s a picture, or two…

Young Henry pointing out plot flaws in a story book…

Henry pointing out plot flaws in a story book

Me in Positano eating Cacio e Pepe, wishing I was instead working on Bindle…

Damien in Positano eating Cacio e Pepe

You won’t be surprised to hear that Bindle worked flawlessly throughout the whole process 😊

Well we’re back at it now, with me trying to generate more leads and with Howard improving trial conversion rates. The joys of working in a startup!

We also look forward to sharing with you some big improvements for existing customers we have in the pipeline.

Peace out.

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