Long service leave for all Australian states and territories

Posted by Damien on Feb 22, 2016

We’ve finished all the long service leave calculators for all Australian states and territories.

The way to calculate long service leave balances is slightly different for each Australian state and territory, so we built a specific calculator depending on where you work.

After we had created calculators for Victoria and New South Wales, the rest just fell out without too much trouble. 🎉 Yay!

Now all Australians can see their current long service leave balance, check future balances, and make long service leave bookings.

If you’re a Bindle admin in Australia, and you currently use Bindle to track leave balances, turn on the long service leave balances for all your employees by entering their employment start date on their personal details page.

Exactly what we do in each instance is going to be the subject of a dedicated web page explaining each of the formulas we use.

Once again, it’s important to note that these balances only apply to taking time off, and do not apply to calculating the pay out on termination. They use a different calculation for that!

There are a few caveats to note with the current implementation. Things like:

  • It doesn’t work very well for casual employees. A fix is in the pipeline. If you need this now, please let us know.
  • All calculators assume an unbroken period of continuous service between the “Employment start date” and the “Bindle start date”. This could clearly be better. Again we have a solution coming.
  • The formulas we use generally only apply to private sector workers who are not otherwise covered by a “pre-modern” award or workplace agreement.
  • The balances cannot generally be applied to workers in the mining, construction, or security industries. There are special provisions for these workers that enable them to “carry over” their balances between employers.

The website of the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman goes into more detail about all of these.

At any rate, please let us know if you would like to see changes to the current implementation and we’d be happy to oblige.


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